Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pastor Oluseyi Babalola wrote this prayer letter in December 2011. Today I am posting a picture of the church building and progress since this letter. Pray for the Church to finish the building with doors and Windows and the end blocks before the rains begin in May and June. Pray for Liberty Baptist church.

Dear Sir,

We give glory to God for His mercy and help in this year2011 which is ending today.
What can we say if not for His power that has been our sustainingground, the year is full with a lot of challenges but all glory is to His holyname.
We express our profound gratitude to you all our friends andsupporters for the year, you are precious to us, and if not for your generositymaybe things would have been harder during this period of economy hardship.
We thank God for your lives, ministries and families, ourprayers is that the Lord will continue to bless you and keep you in good andsound health, and year 2012 will be great for the Lord in your ministries.
The church LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH, really do appreciateyour prayers and also your kindness, but still need more of your prayers andhelp, we are still fellow shipping or meeting at a church member house which isno longer convenient, and suitable for our services, it is a difficult time forus why because sometimes the household may have visitors that we cannot butcope with their actions and attitude during our services.
Sometimes it is joy mixed with sadness because the Lord’speople could not feel at home worshiping their God.  Some stays back at home, invited guest foundthe whole thing disgusted and never showed up again, hard inviting people forchurch programs, because nowhere to keep them.
It is testing periods that are very shaking and threaten aswell.  Despite all God is good!
We were able to start a construction with the little fund wecould gathered and now we are stacked and starved of fund to keep the projectgoing, the project is just about  25%  since the construction started, we still havea longer way to go, we need  the Lord tosupply our needs. We need more blocks about 1000 blocks, planks for the roof,zincs for roofing, bags of cement, doors and windows, burglary, etc.
We need more of your prayers, as we are trusting God to sendhelp to us financially to meet all this needs.
Wishing you Merry Christmas ,and Happy New Year.
In His Strength,
Oluseyi Babalola,
Liberty Baptist Church, Otamokun , Oyo State, Nigeria.


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