Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food for Orphanage

Dear Friends:
We need your help and prayers for Food for Safe Harbor Baptist Orphanage and Bethel Village School in Nigeria. During the month of Feb. we only received $150.00 for these ministries. In March we received $500.00 for a total of $650.00. The minimum cost per month is $1500.00. We are posting a copy of Non-perishable food items needed for the Ministry. We would like to have a three months supply of these items on hand. Please pray and Help.
You can donate by paypal just click on the icon on the upper right of the blog. Be sure to give your name and address for a tax deduction. You can also send a check to Safe Harbor Baptist Ministries Inc. P.O. Box 1610, Ringgold, GA 30736. Make check out to Safe Harbor Baptist Ministries Inc. and designate it for food for the Orphans.
 1 bag of Rice will last for 11/2 months    =  N8,000=$54.00
 12 bowls Beans will last for a month     = N4,000=$27.00
 1 big bowl of Gari will last for a month   = N1,000=$7.00
 Yam Flour that will last for a month    = N5,000=$34.00
 Vegetable Oil (20 liters) for a month    = N7,000=$47.00
 Palm Oil (10 liters) for a month    = N2,600=$17.50
 A bag of Wheat Flour (for baking etc) will last very long  = N6,100=$5.50
 1 pack of Spaghetti (Pasta) for a month   = N2,000=$13.50
 2 packs of Noodles for a month     = N2,000=$13.50
 Bowls of Corn for a month     = N4,000=$27.00
 1 bag of Corn flour named Semovita     = N1,500=$10.00
 1/2 cartoon of Tin tomatoes for a month   = N600=$4.00
 12 big sachets of powder milk (400g each) for a month = N7,200=$48.00
 6 big sachets of Cocoa drink (400g each) for a month = N4,200=$28.00
 4 crates of Eggs for a month     = N3,400=$23.00
 1 bag of Sugar will last very long    = N9,500=$63.50
 Yam tubers prices varies!!!
 Total $445.00
Meat and perishable item per month cost approx.           $200.00
Grand Total          Total= $645.00

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