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The Akande's National Pastor and House Parents at Safe Harbor

The Akande’s

News & Prayer Letter

January & February 2012

January 2012

Thanks to the Lord for making it possible to see this New Year 2012. We also liked to thank you for your support both spiritually and financially, you are always appreciated.  

2012 began with a tough time in Nigeria and for Nigerians. The government announced the removal of fuel subsidy on gas on the first day of the New Year. The price of fuel was almost tripled compared to the price it was before the removal of the subsidy. That step made the National Labor Union to ask all workers to embark on a strike and protests all over the country. The strike did affect our soul wining and church services and attendance as there were no movement of people and vehicles.

Most people could not move around due to the protest, but many of our church members were still faithful to God and tried their best to find their way to the church. Our Church was still able to go soul winning even during that tough period on our country, and we were able to witness, encouraged and persuaded people to be praying for the country.

We had 22 people saved during the month of January. Among those saved was a man named Mr. Sanjo whom we met during our soul winning outreach. He was not ready to give us his total attention that day so I made an appointment with him to come again to talk with him about the salvation of his soul. Fortunately, on the day of our appointment, his mother was on a visit from his village, and I was able to witness to both of them and they both trusted Christ as their Savior. It was a moment of joy especially for the mother, a woman of 68 years old. She was excited and also thanked God for the salvation of the soul of her son.  Praise God!

February 2012

Our Church anniversary Month was the month of February and it was a time of great biblical preaching on the first Sunday of our anniversary. We had a great turnout and God’s blessing was on that service. 28 people were saved the first Sunday and many of our church members came to the altar to re-dedicate their lives to God.

The second Sunday was filled with excitement, with great preaching from the guest Speaker. The guest speaker spoke on how believers are to be a sweet smelling savor for Christ. We had 174 people in attendance and 21 people trusted Christ that Sunday. Praise God!

It was also a great time the third Sunday, we had another guest speaker from Ibadan who preached a great message on salvation and it was a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord. 196 people were in attendance and we had 13 people trust Christ that Sunday Morning. Also some of our church members came to the altar asking God to help them to be more faithful to Him in Soul winning. It was indeed a revival time.

The last Sunday of our anniversary was the biggest day of our anniversary month. We had a guest speaker from the United States, Doctor Dale Morgan.  A man of the Word, He taught my Sunday School Class that Sunday morning and our Young Adults responded to the truth of God’s Word. We had over 105 Young Adults in the Sunday School Class.  In the Sunday morning service he preached on the New Birth from John Chapter 3. We had 356 people in attendance and 91 people trusted Jesus Christ that Sunday alone. It was a great service as our small church building could not contain everyone, some sat outside by the window, and some could not get the view but were listening to the message from outside. We praise the name of the Lord for the success of our anniversary program and we say thank you for your prayers. We had great services, many were saved and Jesus was glorified.

Please pray with us:

·        That God will continue to bless His Church even after the anniversary so that many will be added to the church and the revival will continue in the hearts of our people.

·        For my wife, that God will grant her a safe delivery. She has placenta previa as I have mentioned in our December News Letter and we will be going to the doctor next week to know if the placenta has moved to the right position. We pray it does as that will allow her to have the baby by herself which is safer and cheaper than having a caesarean section here in Nigeria. The normal delivery will only cost about $250 while caesarean will cost about $920. We are trusting God for the best, please keep praying for us.

·        That God will use us more to the glory of His name this year.

Thank you for always praying with us. We love you all and may God bless you is always our prayer.

In His Service,

The Akande’s

Samuel, Rhoda & Ben

Associate Pastor/Young Adults’ Pastor

Working with,

Faith Baptist Church, Ogbomoso,

 Oyo State, Nigeria.

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