Monday, May 30, 2016

Dear Friends, Safe Harbor Baptist Ministries Inc. has a 1986 F150 ford lariat. It was given to the Ministry to use in collection of items and mission work back in 2012. The engine is worn out, It quit running so some friends did a complete tune up, and got it running, then a few weeks later it quit at the hospital and I had it towed back to the house. Last week I had it towed to a mechanic and he found that the ignition module was not working, after putting it in it was still... not running well. A dignostic test showe that the engine is worn out. I have a new rebuilt engine that we were going to send to Nigeria to put in the 1990 F150 I left there but it was not worth repairing after setting out in the weather. The engine will fit the 1986 and we have all the new parts to go with it. I am praying for a mechanic to install the new rebuilt engine in the truck and donate their time and labor to the lord to fix the truck. If the Lord does not send someone then I will try to sell the truck and engine to pay down on another truck. Please make this a matter of prayer. Also if you have a good running truck and want to donate it to the ministry we are a 501c3 ministry and will give you a tax donation receipt. In His service Brother Jim Ammons .

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