Thursday, December 31, 2015

Deep Borehole well for Safe Harbor Baptist Children's Home and Orphanage Nigeria

UPDATE: Please read the entire post, urgent prayer needed. We have on hand $1400 for the digging of the deep Borehole well to have clean drinkable water for Safe Harbor Baptist Children's Home and Orphanage. A peron had committed to giving the balance to make $2,000 to dig the well in January. I received word that they were not going to be able to fulfill their committment. Please pray that the Lord will supply the funds so we can get the well dug. It is dry season and the wa...ter level is very low and dirty If the Lord should burden your heart to help please send funds to Safe Harbor Baptist Ministries Inc. P.O. Box 1610, Ringgold, GA 30736 designate the funds Well.
URGENT PRAYER NEEDED FOR THE ORPHANAGE. I received this e-mail from Timothy Ojo last night concerning the Orphanage. Please pray about these needs, Prayer changes things, God in His word said, "Ask and ye shall receive". With 12 children, the house parents and their children it takes a lot of water. We were already buying drinking water as the well water is not safe to drink. The well water was used in washing clothes, baths etc. It has been going dry in the dry season as it is a shallow hand dug well, not the concrete rings have cracked and allowing mud in the water so it is unusable. Please I ask you again Pray and read the whole post.
Timothy wrote:
I am very glad to hear that a lot of brethren are praying for our bank account situation. We are trusting the Lord to help on this.
Meanwhile, I am praying that we will get a lot of blessings come in as we are currently having problem with water in the compound. The well is not producing enough water as it should and we are not getting enough water. Also when it rains, the whole water becomes red and very dirty as mud and dirty water is seeping into the well. I have been praying about digging a bole hole in the compound and I have discussed this with the landlord who agreed that whatever we spend on this will be deducted from our next rent. An average cost for a bole hole is about $2,000. I am trusting God to provide for this need.
Also, I am praying God to provide for the tuitions fees of the children. We have a lot of needs indeed but I believe that our God is abundantly able to provide for all these needs!
Thanks and talk with you later.

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