Thursday, April 4, 2013

Food Buffet - UMMMMM so Good

I love to go to a good buffet and eat out in the US. There is Rhyan's Golden Corral, and numerous Oriental buffets. You go and eat all you can of anything on the buffet. After Church on Sunday Morning we will go and stand in line up to 45 minutes just to eat. (Wonder if we would stand in Line 45 minutes to get into church to worship- just a thought off the top of the head). On to my story, I like a special Oriental buffet on Lee Hwy in Chattanooga, TN. Steak, Oriental foods of all kinds, Fried Plantain, um, eggs rolls, etc. and to top it off, fruit bar, desert bar, and of course dip your own ice cream. Let's face it we in America love to eat out and eat all we can. I would say we are blessed in a land flowing with milk and honey.
Now I want to take you to another part of the World, the World of Orphans in Nigeria. lets visit one of their food buffets first.

Today's menu, a bowl of garri, shared in a common bowl. Now, as I see the other side of the world, I have so many questions and thoughts going through my mind. I don't like some of the questions but I should answer them. 1. I thank God that I was born in America. I hear this often, I grew up in a home that my parents considered us to be poor by American standards, yet we had good food to eat, most of the time two cars, toys to play with etc. I had no choice where I was born, but does it make me favored because of it, My answer is no, It make me responsible. Another though I have is my weight. I am 60 lbs overweight. Why should I be so big and eat so much when millions do not get a meal a day. My wife and I were called to be missionaries to West Africa and we served have served the Lord there for over 33 years. We have seen the Lord save thousands of souls and lives changed. Since 1990 the orphan population in Nigeria has gone from 2.5 million to over 10 million orphans. Our burden is to reach them one at a time. I feel that I eat too much by loving to eat, instead of eating to live. Orphans struggle day in and day out just to eat to survive and live. Surely, I can cut down my eating and give more to help them. Lord help me. I have many more thoughts on this to share in coming blog post. Let me know your thoughts . Brother Jim Ammons

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