Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Urgent need At Bethel Nursery & Primary School and Bethel Baptist Church in the village of Abekihin

Yesterday we received information that our church in the Village of Abekihen, Oyo State back wall is on the verge of collasping. The church building is built with mud wall and plastered and has lasted almost 15 years. The heavy rains last season took a toll on the building. We can no longer use the building for service and also for school. With the rains starting this season it will not last through the season.
The construction on the new school building is 3/4 finished. The school has had to move into the building but with the rains coming without doors and windows it will be hard to have school. The church is meeting in one of the classrooms. Our rough estimate to finish the building is $4,000.00. Please pray about helping with this urgent need. We also want to get the roof taken off the dammaged church building so we can reuse the roofing sheets.
Also the desk and school furniture has worn out. We have in a warehouse here over $40,000 dollars of metal desk, tables, beds, for orphanage and furniture for the orphanage that we need to ship. It will cost around $8,000 to ship and clear the container. We have already purchased the container and we are preparing the shipment for pre-approval by customs in Nigeria.
I am including photo's so you can see the problem we are facing.
If the Lord burden's your heart to help you can donate through paypal just click on the paypal icon in the right corner of the blog. You can send money to Safe Harbor Baptist Ministries Inc. P.O. Box 1610, Ringgold, GA. 30736. designate the funds to Village school project.
Thank you for praying and giving.

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