Friday, April 13, 2012

I received this e-mail which I have copied and posted below from Timothy Ojo today. We cannot turn these children away because there is no where for them to go. By FAITH WE ARE TAKING THEM AND HOPE TO HAVE THEM AT SAFE HARBOR BAPTIST CHILDREN'S HOME AND ORPHANAGE. FAITH AND TRUST IN THE LORD'S PROVISION. We have little support for the Orphanage since we started our own Ministry for West Africa (Safe Harbor Baptist Ministries Inc.). We need monthly to take care of the children we have plus the two we are taking. Our montly support now runs around $300.00 a month and we will need about $2,000.00 for all 11 children. Before I got this e-mail I met Pastor David Stancil from Sequoyah Baptist Tabernacle, Hixon TN. The church took a special offering for the Orphanage and it was $1500.00. I went by the P.O. to check the box for mail and in the box was another $1,000.00 for the Orphanage. Then when I opened my e-mail this afternoon there was the request to take these two orphans. Would you pray about supporting an Orphan at Safe Harbor Baptist Children's Home and Oprhanage in Nigeria. There are still over 9 million orphans needing a home in Nigeria.

Dear Sir,
How is your cold? I hope you are doing fine by now.
I have a situation that came up. Rev. Andrew from Minna called me yesterday that a woman in his church died this past Sunday. This woman's husband had died some years earlier. They left children behind among whom are two little children - one is 6 years (a girl) and the other is 3 years old (a boy). Rev. Andrew called to know if we can take these two orphans into Safe Harbor. I told him I will get in touch with him later this weekend after consulting with you.
Now the only clause is our budget situation. If we have to take this children in, this will automatically add minimum of $200 to our monthly budget. Moreover, we already needed to increase our budget due to outrageous inflation caused by hike in fuel price.
So let me know what you think if we should go ahead and take these kids in trusting God to provide.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Millions still waiting for someone to care.

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